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        [Tibet. Recommendation] column for the strong dissemination effect of the collection to recommend to buyers the selected art treasures by experts at the first level of national appraisal, to bridge the gap for Tibetans, so that the value of thousands of art treasures are excavated and valued, and high-priced transactions can be concluded in the auction.

        【名       稱】:   國寶十絕•中國十大傳世名畫

        【藏 品 類 型】:    字畫

        【藏 品 年 代】:  近代

        【藏 品 信 息】:    2.3-1.7M

        [name]: Ten national Ten national treasures and ten famous Chinese paintings

        [collection type]: Calligraphy and painting

        Collection date: modern

        [collection information] 2.3-1.7M


        《中國國寶十絕傳世名畫》是中國美術史的豐碑,華夏文明的巨著,是流動的歷史、無聲的樂章;承載著古老東方民族獨特的藝術氣質;用色彩記錄了中華綿延五千年的悠久歷史和橫亙萬里的錦繡河山。具有引首、題跋、歷代名家題記、收藏璽印等濃厚文化痕跡,向世人展示中國藝術瑰寶的真正魅力。該藏品包裝采用高檔真皮皮箱,工藝采用國際一流領先壓鑄工藝精制而成,有鏡面、磨砂、浮雕等工藝,形狀美觀、典雅高貴、工藝精美、為記載古畫文化限量發行,具有極高的收藏價值,值得珍藏。Simultaneous interpreting the Chinese traditional culture and inheriting the treasures of Chinese nation. The silk scroll of "ten national treasures · ten famous paintings handed down in China" was cast by the international collectors association. There are 10 volumes of genuine gold craft scroll. The front patterns are: Luoshen Fu, bu Nian, Tang Palace ladies, Wu Niu, Han Xizai's banquet, Wu Niu, Qianli Jiang and Shan, Qingming Shanghe, Fuchun Mountain Residence, Hangong Chunxiao, Baijun, and auspicious patterns, It is accompanied by ten silk scroll paintings of "ten national treasures, ten famous paintings handed down from ancient China".

        "Ten treasures of China" is a monument to the history of Chinese art, a masterpiece of Chinese civilization, a flowing history and a silent movement. It carries the unique artistic temperament of the ancient oriental nation, and records the 5000 year long history of China and the splendid rivers and mountains stretching thousands of miles with colors. It has strong cultural traces, such as the introduction, postscript, the inscription of famous artists of all ages, and the seal of collection, which shows the real charm of Chinese art treasures to the world. The collection is packaged in high-grade leather case, and the process is refined by the world-class leading die-casting process. It has mirror, frosting, relief and other processes. It is beautiful in shape, elegant and noble, and exquisite in technology. It is issued in limited quantity for recording the culture of ancient paintings. It has high collection value and is worthy of collection